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Introducing iBouge

What is iBouge?

iBouge is a mapping platform that places people, products and information on a global map interface to become more accessible and easier to find by the global internet population, allowing them to interact in new ways.

Currently we offer 4 products on our map interface:

  • 1 Meeting people nearby
  • 2 Global business pages
  • 3 Map based chat conversations about points of interest
  • 4 Local events that are pinned on our map and broadcast to anyone who is following that area.

What differentiates
the platform
other social media

Our patented and unique global map interface
categorizes content in a new way and allows
people to be found and content to be seen
on a global scale. iBouge users can
connect with anyone in the world and
businesses can reach any audience
around the globe no matter where
they’re located.

Who should sign up for
an account and why?
We offer two types
of accounts.

Individual personal accounts which are free and paid business accounts.

  • Our global business pages are tailored to small businesses looking for broad marketing exposure and instant international visibility
  • Our business pages list your company info just like Google Maps with map findability but also with the added benefit of group chat, direct messaging, social media features and your own personal wall for company branding and updates.
  • Our global business pages are currently $25 USD offered as an annual recurring membership.