iBouge's Mission

Population Globe

Expanding your world

iBouge's patented platform allows users to find businesses, people and information for any country in the world. Our world map designs create a universally open platform for searching for businesses, connecting to new people and engaging with communities that matter to you.

Our mission is to be the most open information portal on the web for people, businesses and communities.

With iBouge, you can find and connect with any individual in the world or find any business globally without typing in a keyword search. Simply click on our map and zoom in to find businesses in places you care about or people you'd like to meet. We will soon be opening shops with products for sale on our platform so you can shop by location.

The world is more globally connected than ever before and iBouge is tailored to making your information centralized and open so you have no limits on where to buy from, who you can connect with or which communities you can engage with.

With iBouge, the world is at your fingertips.

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